Worlds Championship Viewing Party!


Information about our epic SIX WEEK Worlds Viewing Party will be listed here, including our schedule for live events, replays, and breaks in the schedule for in-house events!


For now, it’s under construction, but this is the right place to look in order to find out when you need to make your reservations.

Because of time differences, we may not be able to show all events live – or they may show during the early afternoon. Our emphasis will be on showing as many games as possible on game days – using Riot’s replay features. That being said, if you have a party that REALLY wants to see a game during a “replay time”, or any open slot in the schedule, call ahead and we can arrange it so that your party can see the game you’re interested in (fair warning – there may be spoilers on the website that are unavoidable – we will do our best to preserve the mystery, but it may be somewhat impossible!)

ALL IMAGES, LIKENESSES, CONTENT, AND TERMS BELONG TO RIOT GAMES – They have the right to pull the plug on this event at any time. If a representative from Riot is here right now and needs to contact the webmaster, PLEASE email – I will change or update ANYTHING you need (please use an official riot email).

*Fair Warning, everything below this line is going to be a disaster until I get it localized! Hopefully that will not take very long!

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