Tracy Hilliard

Tracy Hilliard
Played by: Dembai
Height: 5’6″
Race: Human
Occupation: Assistant Manager and Lead Artist

Tracy was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, where her free-wheeling family moved around a good deal. And though what school she would attend or what home she would be living in from year to year was never always certain, one thing remained – her love of art and of all things nerdy. Attending Wilfrid Laurier University for Fine Art and Medieval Studies, she joined the local nerd club as an advertiser. Little did she know that she would meet Myles, a fellow nerd and lover of nerd culture, and would eventually marry him. After Laurier, Tracy traveled to Oakville to study at Sheridan’s prestigious animation program. Since then, she’s dabbled in many art styles, and taken commissions from people all over the world.

When her husband was approached by Will and Devin about the Watchtower, she was excited about the prospect, and knew she had to be involved! Will and Devin were very open to the idea especially after seeing her art! And much to her delight, the city she grew up in was the site for the project! So joining the team, Tracy experienced a true homecoming, and this time, there are roots.

Because everyone should have a place they can call home, even when they’re far away from family. A place where people can be themselves and meet with like-minded folks.

A place like The Watchtower.

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