Tim Vanden Heuvel

Played by: Sven Taliskre
Height: 5’7″
Race: Human
Occupation: Bar Supervisor

Tim grew up on a family farm in southwestern Ontario and since then has become a jack of all trades. Tim himself is a multiclassed character with levels in bard, monk, fighter, and ranger. He has a knack for being able to make anyone feel as though they are guests in his own house, a true gift.

As a father and a husband, Tim is a true family man, but anyone coming to the Watchtower will see that he is also a handyman. Several of the structures around the bar were hand crafted by Tim. His touch will forever be found within our walls.

With several skill ranks into Profession (Woodworking), Profession (Bartending), and Perform (Dungeon Master), Tim is the guy anyone wants in their adventuring party!

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