Our Story

14 years ago, the orcs broke through the mountains and into our lands intent on raiding our villages and claiming the valley of Minds Meadow for themselves. Ragnar and Kujo, adventuring beyond the wall where no one had gone before, were the first ones to lay eyes on the orcs. Instantly, they knew that the world was going to change forever. They rushed back to the capital city of Minds Meadow, located in the heart of the valley. Ragnar had to relay the information to his father, a member of the Council of Elders.

There was no question that Ragnar would join the military, and he eventually convinced Kujo to join him. By the time that Kujo joined the military, Ragnar had already been promoted within the military and was teaching new recruits. Ragnar and Kujo trained together for years, Kujo always one step behind. It was clear that Ragnar would be the better fighter and leader of the two.

The battle raged on at the front lines for years, away from the city. The orcs had been pushed back into the mountains, and a front line had been established. Ragnar eventually moved away from the city of Minds Meadow to join the front lines at Bowmaster Garrison, named after Ragnar himself. Ragnar had earned higher and higher titles and positions within the military and it was time for him to move away and begin training troops on the front line. Eventually Kujo moved to the Garrison with Ragnar. From there they began to take the fight back to the orcs.

Ragnar and Kujo helped train the forces of the Garrison. Progress through the caves, chasing the orcs back, was slow. Kujo decided that he could no longer take the pressures of training the forces at the Garrison and he left to head back to the city.

While living in the city, away from the action, Kujo began to build his influence and power using disguise, trickery, espionage, and blackmail. Kujo knew all of the secrets on the Council ofd Elders, and in order to keep Kujo quiet, the council appeased him. Kujo became known as somewhat of in information broker, living in the shadows.

Three years had passed where Kujo and Ragnar never spoke or saw eachother. Kujo was building his band of rogues and sneaks. Ragnar building his forces at the Garrison. The Garrison was finally ready to fully push back into the mountains to drive the orcs back for good. Kujo caught wind of this and felt he needed to move back to the Bowmaster Garrison to help his dear friend Ragnar.

In Kujo’s mind, they were going to prepare the soldiers to take back the Meadow together. Plans changed When Kujo got there though, he found out that Ragnar himself was about to move to the front lines. When Ragnar moved away, he left the running of the Garrison in Kujo’s hands. Off Ragnar went, to claim glory for the people of Minds Meadow.

Two grueling years passed in the caves, but the forces of Minds Meadow eventually cleared the caves and broke through to the other side. Clearing out the landing on the other side, they have created a staging area known as the Lookout.

Creating an area to rest the troops, they look out into the distance and see a building standing all on its own. The forces of Minds Meadow start their journey towards the building. They will arrive there, and they will claim it.

The Watchtower will be theirs.

The Characters

Ragnar Bowmaster

Garrison Leader

Devin Hutchinson

General Manager

Myles Hilliard

Head Chef

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