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Salad of the Day

Small 5/ Large 8

Chef inspired salad. Talk to your server about today's creation!

  • Equip with chicken, cajun cod, or pulled pork5

Crispy fried pickles served with goddess sauce. Wubba-lubba-dub-dub!!

The Wolverine Poutine


A Large Helping of our Golden French Fries with Quebec cheese curds and House Chicken Gravy. It's the best at what it does, bub.

  • Equip with Pulled Pork, Chorizo or Chicken4
  • Upgrade to X-23 (bacon), Angry, or BERZERKER!2
  • Increase to Main Course size3

Sam Raimi Nachos


Tortilla chips topped with our very own blend of cheeses, red onion, tomato, tri-coloured peppers, fresh Jalapenos and green olives. Served with homemade pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream. Basically lots of cheese and corny moments, with unexpected elements that leave a smile on your face!

  • Equip with Chicken, Chorizo or Pulled Pork4
  • Equip with bacon2
  • Vegetarian

The X-Wings

Oven Roasted then deep fried chicken wings tossed in one of our Signature Sauces. 16/Pound or 12/half pound.

BBQ - Luke Skywalker

Though this is our mild sauce, it'll blow away your taste buds like womp rats in a T-16.

Medium - Biggs Darklighter

A little more experienced, but sadly we're sure none will survive their first flight!

Hot - Wedge Antilles

The Rebellion's hottest pilot is also our hottest wing sauce. They're sure to be the Red Leader of your mouth.

Death - Death Star

Wings that cause millions of voices to cry out all at once...or maybe thats just what it sounds like when we serve them. Eat with caution...these wings are operational.

Poe Dameron - Cajun

A 'dry' blackened cajun spiced wing! X-wing, TIE fighter, Poe's gotcha covered.

Tycho Celchu - Honey Garlic


So Long and Thanks For all the Beer-Battered Fish and Chips

12 +4 per extra tail

Tempura-style Beer-battered Atlantic Cod fillet with Fries and Tartar sauce. Bring a towel.

Gambit’s Home-fried Louisiana Cajun Breaded Chicken Strips


Buttermilk breaded chicken fingers with all the love of the deep south, served with a plum sauce with just a hint of Cayenne. Tres bon, Cher.

Prancing Pony Pulled Pork Sandwich


Maple Citrus Braised Pork shoulder on a Brioche Bun with a topped with an apple butter BBQ sauce and onion rings. Served with fries.

The Power Wrap


Homemade chicken tenders, locally sourced bacon, romaine lettuce, and spicy honey cream sauce, in a spinach wrap. When you need that extra power boost to take on the final boss!!

The Watchtower Burger

The Watchtower's own Beef Burger on a Brioche Bun with Lettuce, Tomato and Red Onion. Served with Fries, Soup du Jour, or Side Deerling Salad. Level up your side to a poutine for $3. Choose from:

The Fighter


Locally sourced bacon

The Paladin


bacon and cheddar

The Anti-paladin


bacon and gorgonzola

The Champion


Sauteed Mushrooms and Brie

The Rogue


Sweet tomato Relish with Aged Cheddar

The Mage


Fresh jalapenos and Sriracha Aioli

  • The Warlock - Swap out the meat for our vegan patty

The Wizard


Topped with Prancing Pony Pulled Pork

The Druid


Specially seasoned all-grain patty with Applebutter BBQ sauce. Beef Patty +1

  • Vegan

The Cleric


Grilled Chicken Breast with Bacon and Sweet tomato Relish

Burgers - Prestige Class

Burgers - Dual Class

The Kodiak


2 Patties, Bacon, Gorgonzola and fresh jalapenos. For the Beast within!


Rowena Ravenclaw's Skillet Cookie


Double chocolate chip cookie, baked to order in a skillet, topped with house-made butterbeer ice cream. One of the founder of house Ravenclaw's favourite desserts!

Homemade Ice Cream


Flavours are changing all the time! Ask your server for our current list!

Prix Fixe

Three course meal for one price!


Soup or Salad de jour


Chicken Strips, Champion Burger or Vegetarian Pizza


Skillet Cookie or Weekly Cheesecake

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