Myles Hilliard

Played by: Kodiak Donnersson
Hight: 6’2″
Race: Human?
Occupation: Chef

Myles was born a long time ago, in a Province far, far away. Circumstance brought him to Ontario at a young age and he did his growng up on a farm in the Ottawa Valley. When scouting for Universities to attend, the Fates nudged Myles in the direction of Wilfrid Laurier University where he studied Music and Graduated in 2005. After working at the Waterloo Inn he discovered a passion for cooking and made the journey into the metropolis of Toronto to studay at George Brown College’s culinary school. Since then Myles has dreamed of creating a restaurant that fused his passion for Cooking and his love of everything nerdy.

For the next 10 years, Myles travelled all over Ontario cooking in different styles of kitchen. From dive bars to haute cuisine and everthing in between. From Oakville to Stratford, back to Waterloo and, most recently, Ottawa.

One day, Myles was approched by Devin and Ragnar with this amazing adventure. They wanted him to join them on their quest to create the nerdiest restaurant in Waterloo. This was the Fates again, no longer nudgeing, no longer hinting. They were flat out telling him to go back to where he belonged: Waterloo. The city where he discovered his passion.

And so we embark on our journey. On our Quest to create the Nerdiest restaurant in Waterloo. A place where nerds of all kinds can be themselves.

A place called the Watchtower!

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