Devin Hutchinson

Played by: Kujo Rekka
Height: 5’11”
Race: Human
Occupation: General Manager

Devin grew up in a small town in northern Ontario, but he always knew he was destined for greater things. After completing college in 2002, he ventured out into the world and moved to Waterloo with his friend Will. Devin worked odd jobs here and there during his time in Waterloo.

One day, Devin and Will had this crazy idea that it would be awesome to start a business where nerds, like them, growing up without a place to call their own, could come and be free of the judgement of the outside world. Where they could gather with other nerds and freely discus the hobbies they held dear.

They wanted a place free from elitism and hate that was typical of the internet.

A place of hope. A place of joy.

A place they have called the Watchtower!

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