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Frosh Week! INCOMING!

THE FROSH HAVE ARRIVED! But we’re ready for it! Start the week off right here at the Watchtower! First, start with a Archie’s Tomato Soup – Riverdale’s most eligible red-head is now a soup! Then move on to an EPIC ADVENTURE – The ULTIMATE Grilled Cheese, with two kinds of cheese, BACON, Apple Slices, and […]

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International Cosplayers Week!

It’s International Cosplayers’ Week, and we thought it would be fun if our food ALSO cosplayed as other things. So to start off, try our Yuri on Ice – it looks like a Smoothie, but is actually a tasty Borscht served in a tall glass. Cool. Russian. Born to Make History! Next we have the […]

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Authors’ Week!

In this week in History, many of the world’s greatest authors were born – and we’re celebrating two of them – Gene Roddenberry and H. P. Lovecraft! For such a momentous occasion, we have a feast of epic proportions prepared for you. First, from deep in the ocean, we have C’thuloth – the broth of […]

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One Saga to Rule them All! (Lord of the Rings Week!)

It’s finally here – Lord of the Rings Week here at the The Watchtower! You’ve already had our Prancing Pony Pulled Pork, but now we’ve got even MORE to offer! First, start with a hearty bowl of our Mt. Doom Liquid Magma Chili, with a splash of suicide sauce and ONE (perfectly golden onion) RING […]

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The third part of the latest trilogy of the Planet of the Apes is coming out, and we think it’s high time someone brought humans and apes together based on the only thing we really have in common, our deep love of bananas. So join us as we prepare for the “War for the Planet […]

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Transform and Roll Out!

Transformers: The Last Knight comes out this week, and to celebrate the fifth installment of the movie series (…wait…yeah. It really *is* the FIFTH one!) and truly, all things Transformers (because there’s more than just the movies!) we’re having some awesome specials! First up comes the Michael Bay Uber Hot and Sour Soup (made with […]

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THE DWARVES HAVE TAKEN OVER! (Ontario Craft Beer Week)

DWARVES HAVE TAKEN OVER THE RESTAURANT! They want more beer, more hops, more revelry, and they want it RIGHT NOW! (We tried to explain that it was already Ontario Craft Beer Week, but they insisted this was their own invention!) So to appease them, we’ve added beer to the soup (Pullman Porter in a Loaded […]

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Remember The Mummy?

Remember The Mummy? They made a sequel and it’s coming out this week. But since we don’t know too much about it yet, we’re celebrating our favorite memories of The Mummy movies with Brendan Frasier. Try some of Imhotep’s Curse of De-Nile Leek Soup (Cauliflower, Leek and Chickpea with a soulful Mediterranean flair), or Ankhesenamun’s […]

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Website Launch Detected

Hello fellow adventurers! As you can tell by reading this on our website, the site has officially launched and we are very excited to finally bringing the Watchtower one step closer to realization! You can find out more about the founders in the “About us” Section, have a look at the wonderful food and drink […]

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Our Indiegogo Campaign

Short Summary Are you a nerd? I am! I grew up watching sci-fi, reading fantasy, and playing table-top and RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons. I love a good super hero movie and I get excited for comic-con orĀ fan-expo every year. I think we all have an inner nerd hidden in us somewhere just waiting […]

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