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THE DWARVES HAVE TAKEN OVER! (Ontario Craft Beer Week)

DWARVES HAVE TAKEN OVER THE RESTAURANT! They want more beer, more hops, more revelry, and they want it RIGHT NOW! (We tried to explain that it was already Ontario Craft Beer Week, but they insisted this was their own invention!) So to appease them, we’ve added beer to the soup (Pullman Porter in a Loaded […]

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Remember The Mummy?

Remember The Mummy? They made a sequel and it’s coming out this week. But since we don’t know too much about it yet, we’re celebrating our favorite memories of The Mummy movies with Brendan Frasier. Try some of Imhotep’s Curse of De-Nile Leek Soup (Cauliflower, Leek and Chickpea with a soulful Mediterranean flair), or Ankhesenamun’s […]

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Wonder Woman Week!

Celebrating the premiere of the Wonder Woman Movie, we have three epic specials – A Themyscrian Chicken (Avgolemono) Soup, Diana’s Gyro-ine Sandwich and the Lasso of Truth cocktail. Check out the details here!

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