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Authors’ Week!

In this week in History, many of the world’s greatest authors were born – and we’re celebrating two of them – Gene Roddenberry and H. P. Lovecraft! For such a momentous occasion, we have a feast of epic proportions prepared for you. First, from deep in the ocean, we have C’thuloth – the broth of […]

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One Saga to Rule them All! (Lord of the Rings Week!)

It’s finally here – Lord of the Rings Week here at the The Watchtower! You’ve already had our Prancing Pony Pulled Pork, but now we’ve got even MORE to offer! First, start with a hearty bowl of our Mt. Doom Liquid Magma Chili, with a splash of suicide sauce and ONE (perfectly golden onion) RING […]

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Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower movie is here – Stephan King’s foray into a fully-realized fantasy universe is finally being realized onto the big screen, and we’re here to celebrate! First tuck into our River Crossing Beef and Barley Soup, and venture forth to the Western Sea with a Lobstrosity Po-Boy (Crab Cake Sandwich with Lobster Bechamel) […]

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