Weekend Brunch

Join us every Saturday and Sunday for Brunch! Available until 4pm!


Granola Parfait


Homemade granola with strawberry rhubarb compote, Greek yogurt, and fresh berries.

Sweet Nourishing Gruel


Natural oatmeal with Greek yogurt and fresh berries.

Cockatrice Eggs with Dire Pig Back Bacon


Two Eggs Any Style, Two Slabs of Peameal Bacon, and Homefries. No need to be petrified by this meal! It's Delicious!

  • Level up your fries to Potato Pancakes1.50

Shadowrunner's Sandwich


3 Eggs Scrambled, Aged Cheddar, Fresh Tomato and Lettuce, on a fresh baked bun. No one should be running without a good meal in them. Dig in, Chummer.

  • Level up your fries to Potato Pancakes1.50

Big Tony's Weekly Feature


Chef Tony's current creative concoction.

Mikey's Breakfast Experiment!


A FOUR egg nosh-fest on a Pizza crust - because Michelanglo eats Pizza for EVERY meal! With 4 Eggs (any style) Mozza, Peameal and Mizuna Greens! Totally GNARLY.

Paladin's Benedict-ion


Two soft poached eggs and peppercorn peameal bacon on ciabatta smothered in herbed hollandaise sauce.

  • Level up your fries to Potato Pancakes1.50

Second Breakfast


Burger Patty, soft fried eagg, aged cheddar, bacon, tomato relish, japanese mizuna, sriracha aioli wrapped in a flour tortilla and grilled. Between breakfast and elevensies. Fourth most important meal of the day.

  • Level up your fries to Potato Pancakes1.50

Curiously Tasty Omelet


Chef's choice omelet! Made with 4 eggs, cheese and a variety of tasty ingredients! Changes daily.




Semi-sweet mead, fresh orange juice and sparkling white wine. For those hazy Viking Weekends after a night of pillaging.

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