International Cosplayers Week!

August 22, 2017

It’s International Cosplayers’ Week, and we thought it would be fun if our food ALSO cosplayed as other things. So to start off, try our Yuri on Ice – it looks like a Smoothie, but is actually a tasty Borscht served in a tall glass. Cool. Russian. Born to Make History! Next we have the Casey Jones Nacho Pizza…which is either nachos with a pizza for a plate or a pizza with nachos for toppings. We’re not sure which. Then try out our Double-Meat ‘Burger’! Just like the ‘burger’ from Buffy, it’s not made with meat at all! It’s an Ice Cream sandwich with chocolate chip cookie “buns” and a Dark Chocolate/Porter Ice cream “patty”.  Then you can wash it down with a Spaghetti Western Margarita, with Rye and Amaretto!

Also as an added bonus – if you show up in costume this week, you can have a FREE Blood Wine Crepe with the purchase of a meal!

Check out the details here!

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