Authors’ Week!

August 15, 2017

In this week in History, many of the world’s greatest authors were born – and we’re celebrating two of them – Gene Roddenberry and H. P. Lovecraft! For such a momentous occasion, we have a feast of epic proportions prepared for you. First, from deep in the ocean, we have C’thuloth – the broth of C’thulu, made with Shrimp, Baby Octopi in a Lobster broth. Then from the halls of the Klingon Empire, we’ve brought back the Targ Chop and Gagh (Iron Age Pork Chop with Spaeztle and Veg), followed up with some Late Night Inspiration – espresso ice cream in a coffee flavored phyllo bowl with nutella drizzle – perfect for writers! Then enjoy the long flavor of The Great Old One – a cocktail made with KRAKEN rum, with a touch of moonshine and lime.

Check out the details here!

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