One Saga to Rule them All! (Lord of the Rings Week!)

August 7, 2017

It’s finally here – Lord of the Rings Week here at the The Watchtower! You’ve already had our Prancing Pony Pulled Pork, but now we’ve got even MORE to offer!

First, start with a hearty bowl of our Mt. Doom Liquid Magma Chili, with a splash of suicide sauce and ONE (perfectly golden onion) RING resting on top! Once you’re warmed up, it’s time for a Second Breakfast – Famous in Hobbiton, this is the breakfast wrap our chef was told was possibly better for Elevensies or Luncheon, but he knows you can handle it anytime! Finally, finish up your gastronomical journey with some Elvish Lembas Cake, dressed up proper with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

And of course, we managed to convince Barliman to give us a small sampling of his Best Brew – a Beer Cocktail made with Hops Syrup, a shot of Golden Mead, and finished with Nickel Brook’s Cause + Effect.

Want all the details? Check here!

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