THE DWARVES HAVE TAKEN OVER! (Ontario Craft Beer Week)

June 14, 2017


They want more beer, more hops, more revelry, and they want it RIGHT NOW! (We tried to explain that it was already Ontario Craft Beer Week, but they insisted this was their own invention!)

So to appease them, we’ve added beer to the soup (Pullman Porter in a Loaded Potato soup!), beer to the fish (Raz-putin Rasberry Saison beer-battered fish), and even beer to the ice cream (Hops Head, with our homemade hops-syrup – non-alcoholic!) – and if that weren’t enough, all our “Magic Potions” (beer cocktails) are only $7 this week!

Also, we’re having nerdy drinks and food trivia on Thursday and Nickel Brook is doing FREE beer samplers (must be legal drinking age) for all who come! (also $6 Tallboys during Trivia!)

If that doesn’t satisfy our Dwarven patrons, I don’t know what will!

Check out all the details HERE!

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