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November 7, 2016

Short Summary

Are you a nerd? I am! I grew up watching sci-fi, reading fantasy, and playing table-top and RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons. I love a good super hero movie and I get excited for comic-con or fan-expo every year.

I think we all have an inner nerd hidden in us somewhere just waiting to get out. Some make fun of us for our interests or obsessions, which is why we are making a place for Nerdkind, where no matter what your interests you can find your people and be yourself. Sports fans have sports bars and now nerds have nerd bars!

What We Offer

Great Food, Epic Fun!

Our Masterful Head Chef, Myles Hilliard has been in the industry for over a decade bringing new flavors and concepts to restaurants all over Southern Ontario. Also known as “Kodiak“, he leaped at the chance to start up our restaurant as the only thing he likes more than food is nerd culture. He’s cooked up a wonderful menu full of fun, tasty and nerdy items! Using fresh, local ingredients, you can expect to see things like The Dragon’s Larder Meat Board (with a rich variety of local meats and cheeses), Targ Chops and Gagh (a sci-fi twist on Pork chops and German Spaeztle-noodles), and our mouth watering Merovingian’s Cheesecake!

And that’s not all! We have experienced Dungeon Masters who are hosting a massive Dungeons and Dragons campaign, playable by players old and new – your character can go on adventures from month to month, questing with different players as you discover the secrets of The Watchtower, meet the heroes who conquered the keep, and if you distinguish yourself, be recorded in the Tome of Heroes and painted into the Mural of Champions!

And the best part is – We offer a welcoming, friendly experience for nerds and geeks of all kinds – we love video games, science fiction, fantasy, comics and everything in between. No nerd cred required – no matter the depth of your experience, we think you’re awesome for all the fun things that you love! Come in, play a board game, watch the ongoing D&D campaign, hang out with your friends, enjoy the food, it’s all good.

Stay Nerdy, My Friends!

What We Need & What You Get

We are hoping that you will support our IndieGoGo campaign to help us launch our restaurant to shinning glory. We are planning to open in late October and with your support we can make a gathering place for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, comics, and games. Funds collected will help with the start up of the restaurant as well as the purchase of swords, board games and art. We are trying to raise $10,000, which is only a very small piece of the total cost of opening our restaurant.

We have put together some great perks for you to choose from. I really want to buy them all myself! Some highlights are:

– Get exclusive access to our restaurant BEFORE our grand opening. We have a number of packages that get you in the door before we are open to the wider public.

– Duels, yes you read that correctly. Challenge a friend to duel! Get a rapier sword fighting lesson and fight to first blood with a friend of foe. Resolve that issue once on for all.


The Impact

By purchasing one of our perk you not only get the amazing benefit of that perk but the knowledge that you are helping to create a community that is open and accepting of every type of nerd culture. A place you can call your own. Join the nerd bar revolution!


Other Ways You Can Help

Not interested in one of our perks? Maybe you know someone who is. We would appreciate anything you can do to help get the word out!

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